Andrew Bayer: Selected Works (2008 - 2020)

Andrew Bayer: Selected Works (2008 - 2020)

By Andrew Bayer

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We look back at Andrew Bayer's expansive catalogue to date through his Selected Works (2008 - 2020) compilation, out now on Anjunabeats.

Anjunabeats would not be the label it is today without Andrew Bayer. A unique artistic voice, he's been one of the most treasured members of our family ever since we signed Signalrunners' 'Aria Epica' in 2006.

His 2011 debut album 'It's Artificial', described by Mixmag as “an incredible album of sophisticated electronica”, set the bar high. The 2013 follow-up, ‘If It Were You, We’d Never Leave’, took an even bolder creative direction, earning comparisons to DJ Shadow, Moby and Flying Lotus by XLR8R. His latest studio LP 'In My Last Life', released in 2018, drew inspiration from influences as far and wide as Kate Bush, Talk Talk, Aphex Twin and Atoms for Peace.

GRAMMY-nominated for his work with Above & Beyond, the diversity of his production output is unrivalled. Andrew's Selected Works (2008 - 2020) compilation celebrates this. Across two mixes, you'll find 34 tracks that have defined Andrew throughout his career; spanning the intricately-constructed electronica of 'From The Earth', 'Immortal Lover' and 'Open End Resource', to explosive club tracks 'Once Lydian', 'Magitek' and 'Celestial'.

Andrew Bayer 'Selected Works' (2008 - 2020) is out now on Anjunabeats. Andrew joins the lineup at Above & Beyond's Group Therapy Weekender festivals at The Gorge and London this summer, plus Anjunabeats' takeover of New York's Brooklyn Mirage on July 8. Tickets on sale now (


1From The Earth (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer04:30
2Lose Sight (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer feat. Ane Brun03:42
3Your Eyes (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer feat. Ane Brun05:12
4Gaff's Eulogy (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer04:06
5Monolith (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer08:22
6In And Out Of Phase (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange feat. Kerry Leva06:00
7The Taxi Driver (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer07:45
8Fracture (Mixed) - Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer04:45
9You (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer06:54
10England (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer04:49
11Tomorrow Boys (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjørn04:09
12Immortal Lover (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May05:45
13Keep Your Secrets (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer feat. Molly Bancroft07:11
14Meet Me In Montauk (Mixed) - Signalrunners07:30
15These Shoulders (Mixed) - Signalrunners & Julie Thompson06:00
16Do Androids Dream Part 2 (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer07:07
17Counting The Points (Club Mix (Mixed)) - Andrew Bayer08:37
18Distractions - Movement 4 (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer03:15
19Open End Resource (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May05:53
20Only You Boy (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer05:44
21Bullet Catch (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer05:30
22Perth (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer06:44
23Aria Epica (Mixed) - Signalrunners08:00
24Magitek (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer06:07
25Need Your Love (Club Mix (Mixed)) - Andrew Bayer06:00
26Celestial (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer07:15
27Memories (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer07:00
28Nobody Told Me (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer05:22
29Super Human (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjørn06:18
30The Test (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer & Genix05:00
31Strange World (Andrew Bayer Remix (Mixed)) - Push05:30
32The District (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer05:00
33Once Lydian (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer05:07
34Anamnesis Part 2 (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer02:05
35From The Earth (Edit) - Andrew Bayer04:34
36Lose Sight - Andrew Bayer feat. Ane Brun03:48
37Your Eyes (Edit) - Andrew Bayer feat. Ane Brun04:01
38Gaff's Eulogy - Andrew Bayer05:09
39Tomorrow Boys - Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjørn06:14
40Immortal Lover (Edit) - Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May04:28
41Keep Your Secrets (Edit) - Andrew Bayer feat. Molly Bancroft04:06
42Meet Me In Montauk (Edit) - Signalrunners03:18
43These Shoulders (Edit) - Signalrunners & Julie Thompson04:27
44Do Androids Dream Part 2 (Edit) - Andrew Bayer04:57
45Distractions - Movement 4 - Andrew Bayer04:01
46Open End Resource (Edit) - Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May04:08
47Only You Boy (Edit) - Andrew Bayer05:11
48Magitek (Edit) - Andrew Bayer05:15
49Celestial (Edit) - Andrew Bayer06:39
50Memories (Edit) - Andrew Bayer06:57
51Nobody Told Me (Edit) - Andrew Bayer05:20
52Super Human (Edit) - Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjørn03:33
53The Test (Edit) - Andrew Bayer & Genix03:35
54Strange World (Andrew Bayer Edit) - Push05:22
55From The Earth (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer05:33
56Your Eyes (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer feat. Ane Brun06:37
57Monolith (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer08:57
58In And Out Of Phase (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange feat. Kerry Leva11:01
59The Taxi Driver (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer09:18
60Fracture (Extended Mix) - Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer07:01
61You (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer08:08
62England (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer07:03
63Immortal Lover (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May06:00
64Keep Your Secrets (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer feat. Molly Bancroft08:58
65Meet Me In Montauk (Extended Mix) - Signalrunners09:20
66These Shoulders (Extended Mix) - Signalrunners & Julie Thompson09:56
67Do Androids Dream Part 2 (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer08:12
68Counting The Points (Club Mix) - Andrew Bayer09:43
69Open End Resource (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May06:00
70Only You Boy (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer06:41
71Bullet Catch (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer06:46
72Perth (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer08:15
73Aria Epica (Extended Mix) - Signalrunners10:19
74Magitek (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer07:01
75Need Your Love (Club Mix) - Andrew Bayer07:30
76Celestial (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer08:18
77Memories (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer08:29
78Nobody Told Me (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer06:56
79Super Human (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjørn07:28
80The Test (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer & Genix06:45
81Strange World (Andrew Bayer Extended Mix) - Push07:30
82The District (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer06:26
83Once Lydian (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer06:23

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