Sunny Lax Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

Sunny Lax Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

By Sunny Lax

  |  ANJCDCO204D1
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Born and bred in London, Anjunabeats started life as a university project in the year 2000. Today, Anjunabeats is one of the world’s best-loved dance labels. Over 700 releases spanning two decades wear the iconic Anjuna ‘A’.

To celebrate, they’ve opened the vault for a handpicked group of artists from the label’s 20-year history. Each artist will sift through thousands of hours of music to create a definitive, mix of their all-time favourite Anjunabeats releases.

On 25 June, Sunny Lax delivers the third mix in the series.

'Being part of Anjunabeats since 2005 means I grew up with the label; it not only formed me as an artist but as a person too. I felt from the first moment that I had found a home, and this feeling hasn’t changed since. Seeing the Anjunafamily grow over the years, and connecting with all the amazing people within it has become one of the most important parts of my life. This mix tries to capture these thoughts in a nostalgic, emotional journey with some of the tracks I’m the most connected to.' - Sunny Lax


1Gravity (Mixed) - Parker & Hanson06:55
2I Kill For You (Probspot Remix (Mixed)) - Endre05:31
3Meet Me In Montauk (Mixed) - Signalrunners08:16
4Isla Margarita (Mixed) - Sunny Lax05:21
5Lucid Dreams (Mixed) - Mat Zo03:28
6Enceladus (Mixed) - Sunny Lax04:56
7From The Earth (Oliver Smith Remix (Mixed)) - Andrew Bayer07:17
8Caffeine (Mixed) - 7 Skies06:41
9Misgrey (Mixed) - Sunny Lax05:39
10Gravity (Mixed) - P.O.S.04:53
11P.U.M.A. (Mixed) - Sunny Lax06:38
12Gravity (Edit) - Parker & Hanson04:37
13I Kill For You (Probspot Remix (Edit)) - Endre04:05
14Meet Me In Montauk (Edit) - Signalrunners03:18
15Isla Margarita (Edit) - Sunny Lax03:47
16Lucid Dreams (Edit) - Mat Zo02:59
17Enceladus (Edit) - Sunny Lax03:32
18From The Earth (Oliver Smith Remix (Edit)) - Andrew Bayer04:12
19Caffeine (Edit) - 7 Skies04:35
20Misgrey (Edit) - Sunny Lax04:00
21Gravity (Edit) - P.O.S.04:01
22P.U.M.A. (Edit) - Sunny Lax03:56
23Gravity (Extended Mix) - Parker & Hanson08:13
24I Kill For You (Probspot Extended Mix) - Endre09:36
25Meet Me In Montauk (Extended Mix) - Signalrunners09:20
26Isla Margarita (Extended Mix) - Sunny Lax06:48
27Lucid Dreams (Extended Mix) - Mat Zo04:41
28Enceladus (Extended Mix) - Sunny Lax06:32
29From The Earth (Oliver Smith Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer08:49
30Caffeine (Extended Mix) - 7 Skies08:16
31Misgrey (Extended Mix) - Sunny Lax07:20
32Gravity (Extended Mix) - P.O.S.06:28
33P.U.M.A. (Extended Mix) - Sunny Lax09:53

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