Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2023

Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2023

By Various Artists

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Anjunabeats presents ‘Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2023’, our annual guide through the year that was.

Featuring 30 tracks over two mixes, ‘The Yearbook 2023’ includes releases by Seven Lions and Above & Beyond, Andrew Bayer and Gabriel & Dresden, 3LAU, Kasablanca, anamē, Alex Sonata & TheRio and more.

‘Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2023’ is out now. Download the full package of extended and continuous mixes via the Anjuna Music Store.


Disc 1
1It's Me (P.O.S Mix (Mixed)) - P.O.S & Spencer Brown feat. Marieme06:23
2Anywhere (Road Trippin') (Mixed) - anamē04:46
3Easy (Mixed) - 3LAU feat. XIRA03:50
4Don't Stop (Mixed) - ANUQRAM04:54
5Cerasus (Mixed) - Sunny Lax06:10
6No Silence (Genix Remix (Mixed)) - Andrew Bayer & Vök04:12
7Sweet Feeling (Mixed) - Amy Wiles & Leena Punks04:42
8Am I Dreaming? (Mixed) - Kasablanca03:42
10Tears Of The Kingdom (Mixed) - Giuseppe Ottaviani x Alex Sonata & TheRio feat. Tishmal04:40
11Save Earth (Mixed) - ALPHA 906:40
12Never Alone (Mixed) - Jason Ross feat. Dia Frampton04:37
14Passion (Mixed) - SØNIN & Oliver Smith04:42
15500 (Mixed) - Above & Beyond05:48
Disc 2
1Someone We Used To Love (Mixed) - anamē & Lydmor04:29
2Rubicon (Mixed) - Kasablanca05:25
3In The Dark (Mixed) - Jerome Isma-Ae & Weekend Heroes04:01
4The Future (Mixed) - Sunny Lax06:14
5VLEKNO (Mixed) - Above & Beyond05:16
6Let You Go (Mixed) - P.O.S02:20
7Satellite (Above & Beyond's 2023 Progressive Mix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab05:35
8Rhythm of Your Heart (Mixed) - ALPHA 904:00
9Breaking Down Walls (Myon’s Return to 2000 Mix (Mixed)) - JODA05:00
10Equal (Andrew Bayer and Alex Sonata & TheRio Remix (Mixed)) - Andrew Bayer & Asbjørn05:45
11Spin Off (Mixed) - Above & Beyond05:39
12Feels Like Home (Mixed) - Alex Sonata & TheRio04:45
13Blue Eagle (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone & Oliver Smith04:30
15Beautiful Together (Genix Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab05:16
Disc 3
1It's Me (P.O.S Extended Mix) - P.O.S & Spencer Brown feat. Marieme06:58
2Anywhere (Road Trippin') (Extended Mix) - anamē06:22
3Easy (Extended Mix) - 3LAU feat. XIRA04:07
4Don't Stop (Extended Mix) - ANUQRAM06:44
5Cerasus (Extended Mix) - Sunny Lax07:23
6No Silence (Genix Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer & Vök05:44
7Sweet Feeling (Extended Mix) - Amy Wiles & Leena Punks05:14
8Am I Dreaming? (Extended Mix) - Kasablanca05:24
10Tears Of The Kingdom (Extended Mix) - Giuseppe Ottaviani x Alex Sonata & TheRio feat. Tishmal05:44
11Save Earth (Extended Mix) - ALPHA 907:45
12Never Alone (Extended Mix) - Jason Ross feat. Dia Frampton05:24
13Other Eye (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer x Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal07:15
14Passion (Extended Mix) - SØNIN & Oliver Smith06:00
15500 (Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond06:49
16Someone We Used To Love (Extended Mix) - anamē & Lydmor05:25
17Rubicon (Extended Mix) - Kasablanca06:33
18In The Dark (Extended Mix) - Jerome Isma-Ae & Weekend Heroes06:05
19The Future (Extended Mix) - Sunny Lax07:44
20VLEKNO (Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond06:46
21Let You Go (Extended Mix) - P.O.S04:26
22Satellite (Above & Beyond's 2023 Extended Progressive Mix) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab06:37
23Rhythm of Your Heart (Extended Mix) - ALPHA 905:54
24Breaking Down Walls (Myon’s Return to 2000 Extended Mix) - JODA06:20
25Equal (Andrew Bayer and Alex Sonata & TheRio Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer & Asbjørn07:03
26Spin Off (Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond06:44
27Feels Like Home (Extended Mix) - Alex Sonata & TheRio06:19
28Blue Eagle (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone & Oliver Smith06:06
29Alone (Extended Mix) - Maor Levi & Brandon Vendetta feat. Ash Nova06:37
30Beautiful Together (Genix Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab06:17
Disc 4
1Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2023 (Continuous Mix 1) - Various Artists15:26
2Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2023 (Continuous Mix 2) - Various Artists13:36

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