Maor Levi Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

Maor Levi Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

By Maor Levi

  |  ANJCDCO208D
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Born and bred in London, Anjunabeats started life as a university project in the year 2000. Today, Anjunabeats is one of the world’s best-loved dance labels. Over 700 releases spanning two decades wear the iconic Anjuna ‘A’.

To celebrate, they’ve opened the vault for a handpicked group of artists from the label’s 20-year history. Each artist will sift through thousands of hours of music to create a definitive, mix of their all-time favourite Anjunabeats releases.

On 23 July, Maor Levi delivers the fifth mix in the series.

"I got signed to Anjunabeats when I was only 15. It became more than just a record label for me; as a musician, it became a family, a place where I can express myself in the best way possible—through music. I'm very fortunate to have worked with such great people over the years, and to share my art in a place I can call home. I've chosen some of my favorite tracks for this mix; it was such a tough task as there are so many timeless records for me on Anjunabeats that really shaped my sound and inspired me. I've included some of my own personal favorites as well to remind myself and the Anjuna family on where it all started, and how we paved the way to 2020. I'm very excited to share this journey with everyone and look forward to many more years of great Anjunabeats music" - Maor Levi

Maor Levi Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats is available worldwide on Thursday, July 23.


1Won't Say No (Mixed) - Maor Levi06:37
2Chasing Love (Mixed) - Maor Levi feat. Ashley Tomberlin07:08
3Slow To Learn (Maor Levi Club Mix (Mixed)) - Super8 & Tab05:32
4I Kill For You (Probspot Remix (Mixed)) - Endre06:24
5Reflect (Mixed) - Maor Levi05:43
6Shapes (Oliver Smith Remix (Mixed)) - Maor Levi05:55
7World On Fire (Maor Levi Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond04:56
8Eternal Reminiscence (Mixed) - Boom Jinx feat. Key06:12
9Liquid Sweep (Super8 Remix (Mixed)) - Aalto06:01
10Gravity (Mixed) - P.O.S.05:19
11Velvet Morning (Aalto Remix (Mixed)) - Kyau & Albert06:33
12Beautiful Together (Signum Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab07:14
13Won't Say No (Edit) - Maor Levi04:02
14Chasing Love (Edit) - Maor Levi feat. Ashley Tomberlin04:18
15Slow To Learn (Maor Levi Club Mix (Edit)) - Super8 & Tab03:56
16I Kill For You (Probspot Remix (Edit)) - Endre04:05
17Reflect (Edit) - Maor Levi04:20
18Shapes (Oliver Smith Remix (Edit)) - Maor Levi03:35
19World On Fire (Maor Levi Remix (Edit)) - Above & Beyond03:58
20Eternal Reminiscence (Edit) - Boom Jinx feat. Key04:01
21Liquid Sweep (Super8 Remix (Edit)) - Aalto03:04
22Gravity (Edit) - P.O.S.04:01
23Velvet Morning (Aalto Remix (Edit)) - Kyau & Albert04:07
24Beautiful Together (Signum Remix (Edit)) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab04:01
25Won't Say No (Extended Mix) - Maor Levi07:51
26Chasing Love (Extended Mix) - Maor Levi feat. Ashley Tomberlin08:56
27Slow To Learn (Maor Levi Extended Club Mix) - Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton08:32
28I Kill For You (Probspot Extended Mix) - Endre09:36
29Reflect (Extended Mix) - Maor Levi08:27
30Shapes (Oliver Smith Extended Mix) - Maor Levi07:05
31World On Fire (Maor Levi Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond08:16
32Eternal Reminisence (Extended Mix) - Boom Jinx feat. Key08:33
33Liquid Sweep (Super8 Extended Mix) - Aalto07:58
34Gravity (Extended Mix) - P.O.S.06:28
35Velvet Morning (Aalto Extended Mix) - Kyau & Albert08:18
36Beautiful Together (Signum Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab08:15

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