We Are All We Need
We Are All We Need
We Are All We Need
We Are All We Need
We Are All We Need

We Are All We Need

By Above & Beyond

  |  ANJCD043GD
  • Vinyl, 2×LP
    180g Black Vinyl
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Following their critically acclaimed LPs "Tri-State" and "Group Therapy", as well as the innovative Above & Beyond Acoustic project, "We Are All We Need" ranges from anthemic festival tracks such as "All Over The World" and "Fly To New York" (feat. Zoë Johnston) to downtempo moments like "Little Something" (feat. Justine Suissa) and the melancholic "Sink The Lighthouse” (feat. Alex Vargas). Also included, of course, are the previous singles "We're All We Need" (feat. Zoë Johnston), "Blue Sky Action" and "Sticky Fingers" (feat. Alex Vargas).

The album's distinctive hand-print artwork is made up of the names of A&B fans from all over the world - plus the names of the band members and album contributors.


1Quieter Is Louder - Above & Beyond01:57
2We're All We Need - Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston04:22
3Blue Sky Action - Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas04:44
4Peace Of Mind - Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston04:31
5Counting Down The Days - Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes04:48
6Sticky Fingers - Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas03:29
7Hello (Album Mix) - Above & Beyond04:05
8Little Something - Above & Beyond feat. Justine Suissa05:11
9All Over The World - Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas04:46
10Fly To New York - Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston05:21
11Making Plans - Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas05:04
12Out Of Time - Above & Beyond04:12
13Excuses - Above & Beyond05:45
15Sink The Lighthouse - Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas04:12

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