10 Years Of Anjunabeats

10 Years Of Anjunabeats

By Above & Beyond

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When Jono, Tony and Paavo set up their Anjunabeats label back in 2000, it was mainly an outlet for their ownburgeoning productions as (among other aliases) Above & Beyond. There was no master plan, just a dedication to quality and forward- thinking dance music.

Today, Above & Beyond's overspilling DJ diary reads like a departure board at Heathrow airport. Their debut artist album "Tri -State" sold countless copies worldwide and became a genre classic. Above & Beyond's songs are sung back to them by tens of thousands of clubbers at the biggest festival stages on the planet and their flagship gigs include launching Richard Branson's new SpaceShip for Virgin Galactic, rocking 1million people on Rio's Barra Beach, and a recent sell-out at Brixton Academy.

For this anniversary release, Above & Beyond look back over the Anjunabeats legacy by mixing 10 timeless tracks that remind us just how forward-thinking the label has been over its 10 years. As well as Above & Beyond's own classic "Can't Sleep", tracks like Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann's "Madness" (I Prefer This Mix), Signalrunners "These Shoulders", Daniel Kandi's "Breathe" and Smith & Pledger's "Northern Lights" still sound as visceral, energising and uplifting as they did the first time round.

Of course, Anjunabeats is a label driven by forward motion and it is for that reason that Above & Beyond present a second of disc updated and reinterpreted versions of those 10 classic tracks, with highlights including a melodic house-influenced remix of Mat Zo's "Synapse Dynamics" by Russian trance prodigy Arty, a dark, throbbing tech transformation of Super8 & Tab's brooding but euphoric "Helsinki Scorchin" by Bart Claessen, and Super8 & Tab's respectful, futuristic version of Above & Beyond's "Can't Sleep".


CD1 - Originals:

  1. Mat Zo - Synapse Dynamics

  2. Signalrunners & Julie Thompson - These Shoulders

  3. Maor Levi - Reflect

  4. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep

  5. Super8 & Tab - Helsinki Scorchin'

  6. Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann - Madness (I Prefer This Mix)

  7. Daniel Kandi - Breathe

  8. Nitrous Oxide - North Pole

  9. Sunny Lax - P.U.M.A.

  10. Smith & Pledger - Northern Lights

CD2 - Remixes:

  1. Maor Levi - Reflect (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix)

  2. Signalrunners & Julie Thompson - These Shoulders (Andy Moor Remix)

  3. Mat Zo - Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix)

  4. Super8 & Tab - Helsinki Scorchin' (Bart Claessen Remix)

  5. Sunny Lax - P.U.M.A. (Mat Zo Remix)

  6. Nitrous Oxide - North Pole (Sunny Lax Remix)

  7. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (Super8 & Tab Remix)

  8. Daniel Kandi - Breathe (7 Skies Remix)

  9. Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann - Madness (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

  10. Smith & Pledger - Northern Lights (Breakfast Remix)


1Synapse Dynamics (Original Mix) - Mat Zo08:13
2These Shoulders (Original Mix) - Signalrunners & Julie Thompson09:56
3Reflect (Original Mix) - Maor Levi08:27
4Can't Sleep (Original Mix) - Above & Beyond09:17
5Helsinki Scorchin' (Original Mix) - Super8 & Tab09:50
6Madness (I Prefer This Mix) - Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann08:03
7Breathe (Original Mix) - Daniel Kandi09:28
8North Pole (Original Mix) - Nitrous Oxide08:58
9P.U.M.A. (Original Mix) - Sunny Lax09:53
10Northern Lights (Original Mix) - Smith & Pledger07:39
11Reflect (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix) - Maor Levi07:00
12These Shoulders (Andy Moor Remix) - Signalrunners & Julie Thompson08:27
13Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix) - Mat Zo07:21
14Helsinki Scorchin' (Bart Claessen Remix) - Super8 & Tab08:47
15P.U.M.A. (Mat Zo Remix) - Sunny Lax08:36
16North Pole (Sunny Lax Remix) - Nitrous Oxide07:09
17Can't Sleep (Super8 & Tab Remix) - Above & Beyond07:45
18Breathe (7 Skies Remix) - Daniel Kandi07:52
19Madness (Nitrous Oxide Remix) - Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann07:02
20Northern Lights (Breakfast Remix) - Smith & Pledger08:59
2110 Years Of Anjunabeats CD1 (Continuous Mix) - Above & Beyond14:05
2210 Years Of Anjunabeats CD2 (Continuous Mix) - Above & Beyond58:40

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