Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection

Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection

By Various Artists

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Over the last two decades, Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats label has launched the careers of some of the most respected names in electronic music: Andrew Bayer, ARTY, Audien, ilan Bluestone, Seven Lions and Mat Zo, to name just a few. In January 2021, the label launched Anjunabeats Rising: a new EP series highlighting the next generation of producers and championing emerging artists from around the world.

Anjunabeats Rising introduced over 40 new acts to the label during 2021, including GVN, Alex Sonata & TheRio, Naz, Stephen Kirkwood, HRRTZ, Bexxie and more.

All of the tracks featured in the series are now available as a bundle on the ‘Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection’, available to buy and stream now.


1WildFlower (Mixed) - Tygris06:55
2The Journey (Mixed) - Dokho04:59
3Underwater (Mixed) - Naz feat. Deanna Leigh04:23
4For Your Love (Mixed) - Chris Schambacher03:11
5All Night (Mixed) - Nourey & ZOYA03:52
6Beautiful (Mixed) - meHiLove04:07
7Wanderlust (Mixed) - Dylhen06:26
8Taste The Water (Mixed) - Product of us05:11
9Keep Going (Mixed) - HRRTZ & SHELLS04:30
10Abyss (Mixed) - Mavros03:36
11Need You (Mixed) - Apollo Nash04:30
12Forget (Mixed) - Francesco Sambero & Madeleine Wood04:38
13Sisu (Mixed) - Paul Arcane04:30
14Control (Mixed) - Hausman04:00
15Titan (Mixed) - SØNIN02:57
16Just Be (Mixed) - March 1305:02
17Life On Fire (Mixed) - BUDD04:33
18Stratus (Mixed) - Notaker03:21
19tonite (Mixed) - Aiobahn05:27
20Inner Ghosts (Mixed) - K-MRK & Harry Diamond04:31
21Flares (Mixed) - Mike Saint-Jules04:38
22Glaze (Mixed) - The Madison04:11
23Desire (Mixed) - Oësha & Almero04:58
24We Don?t Stop (Mixed) - Co.Fi04:36
25In Your Hands (Mixed) - Bexxie04:34
26Amani (Mixed) - Dimibo05:07
27Home (Mixed) - Parallels04:30
28Void (Mixed) - OTIOT feat. Lovlee04:03
29Running With The Wind (Mixed) - Chris Giuliano feat. Natalie Major05:30
30Pressure (Mixed) - CloudNone04:24
31Time (Mixed) - Alex Sonata & TheRio04:45
32On & On (Mixed) - FSHO feat. Louise Rademakers04:30
33Gaslighter (Mixed) - Stephen Kirkwood05:00
35Biding Time (Mixed) - Amy Wiles04:11
36I Don't (Mixed) - GVN04:20
37WildFlower (Extended Mix) - Tygris07:16
38The Journey (Extended Mix) - Dokho07:10
39Underwater (Extended Mix) - Naz feat. Deanna Leigh06:00
40For Your Love (Extended Mix) - Chris Schambacher04:23
41All Night (Extended Mix) - Nourey & ZOYA05:32
42Beautiful (Extended Mix) - meHiLove06:23
43Wanderlust (Extended Mix) - Dylhen08:03
44Taste The Water (Extended Mix) - Product of us06:18
45Keep Going (Extended Mix) - HRRTZ & SHELLS05:51
46Abyss (Extended Mix) - Mavros05:48
47Need You (Extended Mix) - Apollo Nash06:07
48Forget (Extended Mix) - Francesco Sambero & Madeleine Wood05:47
49Sisu (Extended Mix) - Paul Arcane06:00
50Control (Extended Mix) - Hausman05:33
51Titan (Extended Mix) - SØNIN03:43
52Just Be (Extended Mix) - March 1305:53
53Life On Fire (Extended Mix) - BUDD05:36
54Stratus - Notaker03:44
55tonite (Extended Mix) - Aiobahn06:06
56Inner Ghosts (Extended Mix) - K-MRK & Harry Diamond06:23
57Flares (Extended Mix) - Mike Saint-Jules06:21
58Glaze (Extended Mix) - The Madison05:36
59Desire (Extended Mix) - Oësha & Almero06:35
60We Don't Stop (Extended Mix) - Co.Fi06:12
61In Your Hands (Extended Mix) - Bexxie05:41
62Amani (Extended Mix) - Dimibo06:45
63Home (Extended Mix) - Parallels06:04
64Void (Extended Mix) - OTIOT feat. Lovlee05:37
65Running With The Wind (Extended Mix) - Chris Giuliano feat. Natalie Major06:31
66Pressure (Extended Mix) - CloudNone05:00
67Time (Extended Mix) - Alex Sonata & TheRio06:26
68On & On (Extended Mix) - FSHO feat. Louise Rademakers06:15
69Gas Lighter (Extended Mix) - Stephen Kirkwood06:37
70Stranger (Extended Mix) - Euphoric Nation & Michael Fearon feat. Lya Adams05:36
71Biding Time (Extended Mix) - Amy Wiles05:26
72I Don't (Extended Mix) - GVN04:35

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