Daniel Kandi Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

Daniel Kandi Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

By Daniel Kandi

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Born and bred in London, Anjunabeats started life as a university project in the year 2000. Today, Anjunabeats is one of the world’s best-loved dance labels. Over 700 releases spanning two decades wear the iconic Anjuna ‘A’.

To celebrate, they’ve opened the vault for a handpicked group of artists from the label’s 20-year history. Each artist will sift through thousands of hours of music to create a definitive, mix of their all-time favourite Anjunabeats releases.

On March 25, Daniel Kandi delivers the 20th mix in the ’20 Years Of Anjunabeats’ series.

"Since we started this series of celebration mixes, one name has kept cropping up in the comment section: Daniel Kandi.

If you were at an Anjunabeats event anytime between the years 2005 and 2012, you'd have lost some time drenched in the euphoric and uplifting sound of Daniel Kandi. His records are seemingly designed to evoke the widest of smiles. Perhaps it's fond memories of 'Child' and 'Venice Beach' or of sweaty sing-a-longs to Daniel's peak-time reworks of songs like 'On A Good Day' and 'Can't Sleep' that spurred demand for a 20 Years mix. Well, here it is.

Dan's selection features a previously unreleased remix of 'Sun In Your Eyes' and plenty of blissed out trance bangers from the archive. Eyes closed, hands in the air stuff.” - Above & Beyond

Daniel Kandi Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats is available worldwide on March 25.


1The Lost (Mixed) - Mat Zo07:16
2Safe (Wherever You Are) (Rank 1 Remix (Mixed)) - Velvetine03:52
343+86=129 (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone & Sunny Lax03:37
4Eternal Reminiscence (Oliver Smith Remix (Mixed)) - Boom Jinx feat. Key05:18
5Venice Beach (Mixed) - Daniel Kandi05:03
6Aria Epica (Bart Claessen Remix (Mixed)) - Signalrunners06:18
7Breathe (Mixed) - Daniel Kandi07:39
8Needs To Feel (Mixed) - Super8 & Tab05:43
9Sunrise (Volume Six Edit (Mixed)) - Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith05:57
10Make Me Believe (Original Rise Mix (Mixed)) - Daniel Kandi04:30
11Child (Mixed) - Daniel Kandi05:41
12Remember (Summer Sun) (Mixed) - P.O.S.05:11
13Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab06:06
14Sun In Your Eyes (Daniel Kandi Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond05:41
15Get Off (Mixed) - Super806:06
16Can't Sleep (Maori Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond03:48
17Cold Front (Bart Claessen Remix (Mixed)) - Remo-con07:09
18The Lost (Anjunabeats Edit) - Mat Zo04:40
19Safe (Wherever You Are) (Rank 1 Edit) - Velvetine04:43
2043+86=129 (Edit) - ilan Bluestone & Sunny Lax04:07
21Eternal Reminiscence (Oliver Smith Edit) - Boom Jinx feat. Key04:30
22Venice Beach (Edit) - Daniel Kandi03:51
23Aria Epica (Bart Claessen Edit) - Signalrunners04:33
24Breathe (Edit) - Daniel Kandi04:45
25Needs To Feel (Edit) - Super8 & Tab04:00
26Sunrise (Edit) - Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith04:31
27Make Me Believe (Rise Edit) - Daniel Kandi04:33
28Child (Edit) - Daniel Kandi04:43
29Remember (Summer Sun) (Edit) - P.O.S.04:30
30Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Edit) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab04:01
31Sun In Your Eyes (Daniel Kandi Edit) - Above & Beyond04:36
32Get Off (Edit) - Super804:45
33Can't Sleep (Maori Edit) - Above & Beyond04:56
34Cold Front (Bart Claessen Edit) - Remo-con04:26
35The Lost (Extended Mix) - Mat Zo08:57
36Safe (Wherever You Are] (Rank 1 Extended Mix) - Velvetine08:02
3743+86=129 (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone & Sunny Lax07:02
38Eternal Reminiscence (Oliver Smith Extended Mix) - Boom Jinx feat. Key08:16
39Venice Beach (Extended Mix) - Daniel Kandi06:55
40Aria Epica (Bart Claessen Extended Mix) - Signalrunners08:27
41Breathe (Extended Mix) - Daniel Kandi09:28
42Needs To Feel (Extended Mix) - Super8 & Tab08:03
43Sunrise (Volume Six Extended Mix) - Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith07:56
44Make Me Believe (Extended Rise Mix) - Daniel Kandi07:57
45Child (Extended Mix) - Daniel Kandi07:42
46Remember (Summer Sun) (Extended Mix) - P.O.S.07:30
47Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab08:07
48Sun In Your Eyes (Daniel Kandi Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond07:13
49Get Off (Extended Mix) - Super809:15
50Can't Sleep (Maori Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond08:18
51Cold Front (Bart Claessen Extended Mix) - Remo-con09:12

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