Jason Ross Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

Jason Ross Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

By Jason Ross

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Born and bred in London, Anjunabeats started life as a university project in the year 2000. Today, Anjunabeats is one of the world’s best-loved dance labels. Over 700 releases spanning two decades wear the iconic Anjuna ‘A’.

To celebrate, they’ve opened the vault for a handpicked group of artists from the label’s 20-year history. Each artist will sift through thousands of hours of music to create a definitive, mix of their all-time favourite Anjunabeats releases.

On 12 November, Jason Ross delivers the thirteenth mix in the series.

“Jason has been creating dance music since he was a teenager. 'Elements', Jason's 2015 single on Anjunabeats, was a strong debut, but it was his collaboration with Wrechiski, 'Atlas', that really got people talking. The first night we met Jason was at Madison Square Garden, just after we'd played three of his records to the world (including 'Atlas'). He was a charming fellow and he's been on fire ever since, dropping singles like 'Cairo', 'Me Tonight' and 'Valor'. Jason's tunes always have a place in our sets.

In 2017, Jason's first collaboration with Seven Lions, 'Higher Love' feat. Paul Meany, signalled the start of a bold, new chapter for Jason's sound. Their back-to-back set at Group Therapy 250 sealed the deal: Jason is now a regular fixture on Seven Lion's Ophelia imprint.

No matter what style he’s turning his attention to, his productions are always energetic, ambitious and polished.

Jason's mix includes some of his own label contributions and other, more recent highlights from our label's history.” - Above & Beyond

"I found Anjunabeats in a rather unique way. I heard ATB's '9PM (Till I come)' at a young age, and from there I was always on a mission to find songs that hit my heart that same way. It wasn't until High School that a friend of mine showed me this radio show, Trance Around The World. Every song I heard took my breath away. It was at that moment that I knew I had found my home.

I had been producing electronic music since I was 12. I really honed in on trance and Anjunabeats during my time in college, and that's when I was picked up by Above & Beyond. The next thing I remember, I'm in the stands in Madison Square Garden and they're playing 3 of my tracks in front of thousands of people. That's where it all began for me.

Anjunabeats has been home to me ever since then, and the fans and artists are truly what make it a special place. I chose the tracks that have inspired me over the years, while including my own releases that have played a part of the label's incredible 20 years. Hope you enjoy it! Much love." - Jason Ross

Jason Ross Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats is available worldwide on Thursday, November 12.


1Atlas (Intro Edit (Mixed)) - Wrechiski & Jason Ross04:00
2Enceladus (Mixed) - Sunny Lax05:29
3Britanica (Mixed) - Ost & Meyer06:05
4Magitek (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer06:22
5Thundercat (Mixed) - Norin & Rad04:52
6Coaster Amun Tonight (Jason Ross Mashup (Mixed)) - Jason Ross feat. Lauren Ray vs. ilan Bluestone04:29
7Higher Love (Mixed) - Seven Lions & Jason Ross feat. Paul Meany04:26
8Frontier (Mixed) - Jason Ross & Wrechiski05:29
9Anphonic (Mixed) - Above & Beyond vs. Kyau & Albert05:20
10Gravity (Jason Ross Remix (Mixed)) - Parker & Hanson05:13
11Amsterdam Cairo (Above & Beyond Bootleg (Mixed)) - Jason Ross vs. Luminary05:30
12New Dawn (Jason Ross Club Mix (Mixed)) - Jason Ross03:14
13Atlas (Edit) - Wrechiski & Jason Ross04:00
14Enceladus (Edit) - Sunny Lax03:32
15Britanica (Edit) - Ost & Meyer03:27
16Magitek (Edit) - Andrew Bayer05:15
17Thundercat (Edit) - Norin & Rad03:33
18Coaster Amun Tonight (Jason Ross Mashup (Edit)) - Jason Ross feat. Lauren Ray vs. ilan Bluestone04:13
19Higher Love (Edit) - Seven Lions & Jason Ross feat. Paul Meany02:53
20Frontier (Edit) - Jason Ross & Wrechiski03:35
21Anphonic (Edit) - Above & Beyond vs. Kyau & Albert04:32
22Gravity (Jason Ross Remix (Edit)) - Parker & Hanson03:35
23Amsterdam Cairo (Above & Beyond Bootleg (Edit)) - Jason Ross vs. Luminary03:48
24New Dawn (Jason Ross Club Mix (Edit)) - Jason Ross03:17
25Atlas (Extended Mix) - Wrechiski & Jason Ross06:25
26Enceladus (Extended Mix) - Sunny Lax06:32
27Britanica (Extended Mix) - Ost & Meyer07:54
28Magitek (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer07:01
29Thundercat (Extended Mix) - Norin & Rad05:53
30Coaster Amun Tonight (Jason Ross Extended Mashup) - Jason Ross feat. Lauren Ray vs. ilan Bluestone05:59
31Higher Love (Extended Mix) - Seven Lions & Jason Ross feat. Paul Meany06:10
32Frontier (Extended Mix) - Jason Ross & Wrechiski06:36
33Anphonic (Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond vs. Kyau & Albert06:53
34Gravity (Jason Ross Extended Mix) - Parker & Hanson06:54
35Amsterdam Cairo (Above & Beyond Extended Bootleg) - Jason Ross vs. Luminary04:18
36New Dawn (Jason Ross Extended Club Mix) - Jason Ross05:09

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