ilan Bluestone Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

ilan Bluestone Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats

By ilan Bluestone

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Born and bred in London, Anjunabeats started life as a university project in the year 2000. Today, Anjunabeats is one of the world’s best-loved dance labels. Over 700 releases spanning two decades wear the iconic Anjuna ‘A’.

To celebrate, they’ve opened the vault for a handpicked group of artists from the label’s 20-year history. Each artist will sift through thousands of hours of music to create a definitive, mix of their all-time favourite Anjunabeats releases.

On 20 August, ilan Bluestone delivers the seventh mix in the series.

“Ilan appeared in our studio one day in 2012 when Maor Levi was working with us in London. He’d popped in to see how Maor worked and to say “hi”. Ilan was a cheery, confident chap and Maor really rated him as a producer and invited him to submit a track for the ‘Anjunabeats Worldwide’ compilation he was putting together. That track was “Namaste”, his debut track on Anjunabeats. What followed was a nearly constant stream of melodic, powerful and well-produced tracks and remixes that became fixtures in our sets—some remixes being preferred to our own mixes at times. At least one of his productions appears in pretty much every Above & Beyond DJ set.

He went on to mix his own comp, ‘Anjunabeats Worldwide 05’ in 2015, and continued to write and record so many hit tunes (“Sinai”, “Big Ben”, “43”, “Spheres” and his new tracks with Elysian, to name but a few bangers) before releasing his first artist album, ‘Scars’, in 2018.

Over the same period his friendship with Maor Levi resulted in a slew of banging tunes and remixes such as “On Our Own”, “Can You” and “Everybody”, and he collaborated with Jerome Isma-Ae with equally fabulous results: “Tension” & “Under My Skin” are both classics. By this time his live career had really taken off and he was always in demand as a remixer for other labels. He delivered a blistering set at ABGT300 in Hong Kong the same year.

In 2020 he finally put a ring on Maor Levi with the launch of trance supergroup Elysian (with vocalist Emma Hewitt), and started work on his second album with long-term collaborators Giuseppe De Luca, EL Waves, and Ellen Smith. His 20 years mix contains a hefty chunk of his own productions (as it should), alongside an eclectic mix of personal favourites, from Tinlicker to Seven Lions and Daniel Kandi. Enjoy!” - Above & Beyond

Ilan Bluestone Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats is available worldwide on Thursday, August 20.


1Long Way From Home (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone05:45
2Lost (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone05:57
3Rebound (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone05:58
443 (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone04:44
5On A Good Day (ilan Bluestone Remix (Mixed)) - ilan Bluestone04:28
6Big Ben (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone05:30
7Spheres (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone05:14
8Bigger Than Love (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone05:17
9Superman (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone05:50
10Thing Called Love (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone05:18
11On My Way To Heaven (Seven Lions Remix (Mixed)) - ilan Bluestone05:17
12Venice Beach (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone04:56
13Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix (Mixed)) - ilan Bluestone07:42
14Long Way From Home (Edit) - ilan Bluestone04:12
15Lost (Edit) - ilan Bluestone05:29
16Rebound (Edit) - ilan Bluestone03:29
1743 (Edit) - ilan Bluestone04:04
18On A Good Day (ilan Bluestone Remix (Edit)) - ilan Bluestone04:06
19Big Ben (Edit) - ilan Bluestone04:11
20Spheres (Edit) - ilan Bluestone04:10
21Bigger Than Love (Edit) - ilan Bluestone04:05
22Superman (Anjunabeats Edit) - ilan Bluestone03:46
23Thing Called Love (Edit) - ilan Bluestone02:50
24On My Way To Heaven (Seven Lions Remix (Edit)) - ilan Bluestone04:01
25Venice Beach (Edit) - ilan Bluestone03:51
26Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix (Edit)) - ilan Bluestone03:47
27Long Way From Home (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone06:22
28Lost (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone07:16
29Rebound (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone07:45
3043 (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone06:23
31On A Good Day (ilan Bluestone Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone05:58
32Big Ben (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone07:39
33Spheres (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone06:59
34Bigger Than Love (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone06:39
35Superman (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone07:37
36Thing Called Love (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone08:00
37On My Way To Heaven (Seven Lions Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone05:33
38Venice Beach (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone06:55
39Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - ilan Bluestone07:54

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