Sleep Is Sacrament

Sleep Is Sacrament

By Cephas Azariah

  |  ANJREF033D
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Returning to the label, composer and producer Cephas Azariah presents his latest offering ‘Sleep Is Sacrament’, a delicate composition of twinkling pianos and soaring strings.

Since opening the prolific compilation series ‘Anjunadeep 14’ by Jody Wisternoff and James Grant in April, Reflections welcomes the full release of ‘Sleep Is Sacrament’.

A refined composer and producer, Cephas has worked in film and TV over the past five years, writing composition work for PUMA, Channel 4 and Soho House; and since making his debut on the label, he has amassed over 4,900,00 streams.

His music touches on motifs of healing and connection that are influenced by his personal experiences and bouts of insomnia, which have become significant themes in his music. Cephas describes the story behind his new composition:

"Sacrament is a thing of mysterious and sacred significance. For me, sleep is one of them - a daily ritual I suppose. This track is a sonic pilgrimage towards sleep guided by warm pianos, analog granules and frozen strings.“

Cephas Azariah ‘Sleep Is Sacrament’ is out now on Reflections.


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