Closer To You

Closer To You

By Cephas Azariah & Robyn Sherwell

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Reflections’ rising star Cephas Azariah teams up with London-based singer songwriter and vocalist Robyn Sherwell on their new single ‘Closer To You’, out now on Reflections.

Cephas Azariah quickly rose to stardom on the label having only joined Reflections in 2021, his compositions amassed widespread recognition, becoming a fan favourite and soaring to over 12 million streams in a only handful of releases. Blending his signature compositional tones of gentle piano, soft pulsating synths and strings, he is joined by singer-songwriter Robyn Sherwell, marking her debut on Reflections with her soulful and emotive songwriting flair which she delivers effortlessly on their new record.

Born during a Reflections writing camp in London last summer, Cephas and Robyn had already formed the foundations of a creative relationship having written just one other song before this. When they sat down for the second time one on one, there was a sense of ease and comfort which enabled Robyn’s songwriting to flow with vulnerability.

“There is a definite sense of ease when collaborating with Cephas, I love his production style as it’s so spacious and atmospheric and it just draws songs out of me without hesitation. I can remember saying during the session ‘well, I didn’t know I would write that today’. The song is about not knowing where you stand with someone, and feeling caught in a gravitational pull toward them, with all the uncertainty of not knowing where it is leading, and so much unsaid between you.” - Robyn Sherwell

Cephas Azariah & Robyn Sherwell ‘Closer To You’ is out now on Reflections.


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