Lunar Tides EP

Lunar Tides EP

By Cephas Azariah

  |  ANJREF025D
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Indian-born, British composer Cephas Azariah presents his debut EP on Reflections ‘Lunar Tides’. A four-track EP that explores themes of healing, isolation and connection.

Cephas has Synesthesia, a perceptual superpower that means he sees visuals when he hears music; so after he finished studying music at Middlesex University, he started composing soundtracks for film right away. Since 2016 he’s worked with PUMA, Soho House and Chanel and scored dozens of films.

Before working on his EP, Cephas experienced bouts of insomnia but one particular encounter felt different. Combining his creativity with the power of nature, he was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, crafting the entire project under moonlight.

“There was a series of really big moons last year, and I used to watch them,” Azariah says. “And it was really peaceful and still and calm, but I was in turmoil because I wasn't able to sleep. There was an exchange happening between nature and myself and i started playing around with sounds and trying to translate what was going on, and bring that chaos and peace together.”

By the time Azariah finished the project, he was able to sleep soundly again. “I am so grateful I had music during that period,” he says. “Music has a healing effect on me, and I hope it brings a sense of peace to everyone who listens.”

Cephas Azariah 'Lunar Tides EP' is out now on Reflections.


1Lunar Tides - Cephas Azariah04:23
2Matriarch Eclipse - Cephas Azariah02:58
3The Moon Governs The Night - Cephas Azariah03:35
4Humility - Cephas Azariah04:28

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