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Northling have the rare and desirable problem of having too many good ideas. The six-strong collective from Lytham St Annes in Lancashire are the first band to release on Anjuna’s low-tempo Reflections imprint; one listen to their dreamy, ethereal 'Tycho' EP and it’s easy to see why.

Northling formed as a jazz-inspired improvisational band in 2017, and soon caught the attention of the Arts Council England who tasked them with writing an album. This resulted in their 2019 debut EP ‘Blue', which garnered support from BBC Introducing and marked the evolution of Northling from jazz-fusion to cinematic electronica.

Various members have been friends since school, which creates an ecosystem of inspiration in the studio. They come up with so many ideas that they spend their time out of the studio happily debating which ones to pursue. 'Tycho' is the band’s second EP, and involved plenty of good-spirited debates to land on the final product. Following singles ‘Damselfly’ and ‘Fawkes’ and ‘Reflections 02’ track ‘Winter’s Song’, Northling share two new songs to complete the package with ‘Run Run’ and title track ‘Tycho’.

Northling’s music is romantic in a Wuthering Heights kind of way. It’s informed by the vast, volatile landscapes of Lancashire and its coastline, lakes and national parks where all four seasons play out within an hour. Northling’s productions reflect this variety, gliding from melancholic to euphoric, dark to light, desolate to celebratory.

If their music seems indefinable, that’s because it is. The band come from a wide range of musical backgrounds, from electronic to jazz to blues to soul, and the result is a melting point of sounds and influences as powerful and diverse as the northern landscape they’re inspired by.


1Tycho - Northling04:20
2Damselfly - Northling04:22
3Fawkes - Northling05:14
4Run Run - Northling04:44
5Winter's Song - Northling07:09

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