Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2021

Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2021

By Various Artists

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Anjunabeats presents ‘Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2021’, our annual guide through the year that was.

Featuring 34 tracks over two mixes, ‘The Yearbook 2021’ contains contributions from label stalwarts ilan Bluestone, Genix, Sunny Lax, Maor Levi and ALPHA 9. You’ll also find selections from newcomers to the Anjunabeats family: GVN, Jordin Post, gardenstate, Pretty Pink, Olan & Nourey, and more.

Extended mixes of all 34 tracks are also available via the Anjuna Music Store. ‘Anjunabeats The Yearbook 2021’ is out now.


1Rift (Alex O?Rion Remix (Mixed)) - Matt Lange07:59
2Azure (Mixed) - Jordin Post04:42
3Air For Life (Dosem Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor04:38
4Your Light (Mixed) - PROFF feat. Mokka06:32
5The Best Part (gardenstate Outer Space Mix (Mixed)) - gardenstate & Bien06:54
6The Purpose Is You (Mixed) - ALPHA 904:56
7Road To Nowhere (Mixed) - Jaytech05:18
8Stranger To Your Love (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone feat. Ellen Smith03:51
9Screwdriver (Mixed) - Above & Beyond04:15
10Thing Called Love (Oliver Heldens Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford06:00
11Dance It Out (Mixed) - Genix04:30
12Deserve It (Mixed) - Fatum feat. Mars Atlas04:45
13Carcerem (Mixed) - Paul Thomas & Funkagenda06:54
14Ethereal (Mixed) - GVN04:37
15Am I Dreaming? (Mixed) - Maor Levi04:52
16Northern Sky (Dusky Remix (Mixed)) - Trance Wax03:41
17V.I.B.E. (Mixed) - Sunny Lax06:41
18Sun In Your Eyes (Spencer Brown Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond09:12
19Thirds (Mixed) - Matt Fax04:05
20Echo (Mixed) - Pretty Pink feat. Gracie Thunder05:11
21Numb (Mixed) - Genix & LYCA04:49
22Kiki (Mixed) - Fehrplay06:27
23Be Alone (Mixed) - Oliver Smith04:05
24Before The Ashes (Mixed) - Tomas Heredia04:19
25By Your Side (Mixed) - gardenstate04:34
26Higher (Mixed) - Alex Sonata & TheRio05:30
27Sparkles (Mixed) - Grum04:13
28Almost Home (Mixed) - Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa04:52
29ZAO (Mixed) - 7 Skies05:45
30In Motion (Club Mix (Mixed)) - OLAN & Nourey04:29
31Take Me There (Mixed) - gardenstate & GVN03:41
32Tonight (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone feat. EL Waves03:48
33Look At Me Now (Mixed) - ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de Luca03:26
34My Enemy (gardenstate Remix (Mixed)) - Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson05:03
35Almost Home (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa06:32
36Look At Me Now (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de Luca05:11
37Take Me There (Extended Mix) - gardenstate & GVN04:55
38Screwdriver (Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond06:04
39Northern Sky (Dusky Remix) - Trance Wax05:25
40Thing Called Love (Oliver Heldens Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford06:51
41Be Alone (Extended Mix) - Oliver Smith05:44
42My Enemy (gardenstate Extended Mix) - Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson06:32
43Numb (Extended Mix) - Genix & LYCA06:22
44Deserve It (Extended Mix) - Fatum feat. Mars Atlas06:07
45Sun In Your Eyes (Spencer Brown Club Mix) - Above & Beyond10:00
46The Purpose Is You (Extended Mix) - ALPHA 906:45
47Tonight (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone feat. EL Waves05:00
48By Your Side (Extended Mix) - gardenstate05:44
49Air For Life (Dosem Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor06:15
50Sparkles (Extended Mix) - Grum05:29
51V.I.B.E. (Extended Mix) - Sunny Lax07:23
52Echo (Extended Mix) - Pretty Pink feat. Gracie Thunder06:47
53Stranger To Your Love (Extended Mix) - ilan Bluestone feat. Ellen Smith05:26
54Am I Dreaming? (Extended Mix) - Maor Levi06:30
55Kiki (Extended Mix) - Fehrplay08:04
56The Best Part (gardenstate Outer Space Extended Mix) - gardenstate & Bien08:35
57Rift (Alex O?Rion Extended Mix) - Matt Lange08:36
58Ethereal (Extended Mix) - GVN05:44
59Thirds (Extended Mix) - Matt Fax05:41
60In Motion (Extended Mix) - OLAN & Nourey06:34
61Higher (Extended Mix) - Alex Sonata & TheRio06:37
62Azure (Extended Mix) - Jordin Post06:21
63Carcerem (Extended Mix) - Paul Thomas & Funkagenda08:00
64ZAO (Extended Mix) - 7 Skies07:30
65Your Light (Extended Mix) - PROFF feat. Mokka08:15
66Dance It Out (Extended Mix) - Genix06:01
67Road To Nowhere (Extended Mix) - Jaytech05:54
68Before The Ashes (Extended Mix) - Tomas Heredia05:55

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