Genix: The Story So Far

Genix: The Story So Far

By Genix

  |  ANJCDCO242D
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Featuring a handpicked selection of 21 tracks that have characterized Damo's Anjunabeats journey to date, 'The Story So Far' delivers some of the biggest Genix hits in one place.

Picked and mixed by the man himself, Genix said this of the compilation. "Over the last year, I have spent so much time in my creative space. I have so many new productions to share with everyone. But, before you hear the future of Genix, let’s have a listen to the past and my journey so far".

Available now and as part of a discounted 'Worldwide 09 Mixed by Genix' CD & 'The Story So Far' compilation bundle. The compilation comes with both mixed and unmixed/extended track versions for DJs.


1Aura (Mixed) - Genix07:23
2Destinations (Mixed) - Genix04:25
3Run (Mixed) - Genix05:10
4Anjunabeach (Genix vs. Las Salinas Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond04:40
5Como (Mixed) - Genix03:45
6Black Water (Mixed) - Genix & Sunny Lax04:40
7Mr. H2O (Mixed) - Genix04:03
8Helion (Mixed) - Mike Koglin vs. Genix04:11
9All In (Mixed) - Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah04:55
10Durban (Mixed) - Genix04:33
11Rave Daze (Mixed) - Genix04:00
12Death Valley (Mixed) - Genix04:25
13Surrender (Genix Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base03:56
14Caffeine (Genix Remix (Mixed)) - 7 Skies05:54
15Home (Genix Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond05:54
16Open Your Eyes (Mixed) - Genix03:56
17Stay (Genix Remix (Mixed)) - Grum04:55
18The Test (Mixed) - Andrew Bayer & Genix05:10
19The Light (Mixed) - Grum & Genix04:40
20Kill Switch (Mixed) - Genix04:25
21Sun 2011 (Genix Techno Update (Mixed)) - Slusnik Luna03:57
22Aura - Genix03:26
23Destinations - Genix03:26
24Run - Genix03:38
25Anjunabeach (Genix vs. Las Salinas Remix) - Above & Beyond04:00
26Como - Genix03:20
27Black Water - Genix & Sunny Lax03:48
28Mr. H2O - Genix03:50
29Helion - Mike Koglin vs. Genix03:43
31Durban - Genix03:40
32Rave Daze - Genix03:39
33Death Valley - Genix03:38
34Surrender (Genix Remix) - Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base03:30
35Caffeine (Genix Remix) - 7 Skies04:14
36Home (Genix Remix) - Above & Beyond04:40
37Open Your Eyes - Genix03:24
38Stay (Genix Remix) - Grum04:01
39The Test - Andrew Bayer & Genix03:35
40The Light - Grum & Genix03:43
41Kill Switch - Genix03:56
42Sun 2011 (Genix Techno Update) - Slusnik Luna03:42
43Aura (Extended Mix) - Genix07:49
44Destinations (Extended Mix) - Genix08:18
45Run (Extended Mix) - Genix06:51
46Anjunabeach (Genix vs. Las Salinas Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond06:58
47Como (Extended Mix) - Genix05:22
48Black Water (Extended Mix) - Genix & Sunny Lax06:21
49Mr. H2O (Extended Mix) - Genix05:46
50Helion (Extended Mix) - Mike Koglin vs. Genix07:08
51All In (Extended Mix) - Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah06:20
52Durban (Extended Mix) - Genix06:44
53Rave Daze (Extended Mix) - Genix05:36
54Death Valley (Extended Mix) - Genix05:32
55Surrender (Genix Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base05:46
56Caffeine (Genix Extended Mix) - 7 Skies07:42
57Home (Genix Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond07:35
58Open Your Eyes (Extended Mix) - Genix05:03
59Stay (Genix Extended Mix) - Grum06:00
60The Test (Extended Mix) - Andrew Bayer & Genix06:45
61The Light (Extended Mix) - Grum & Genix06:14
62Kill Switch (Extended Mix) - Genix06:38
63Sun 2011 (Genix Techno Extended Update) - Slusnik Luna04:57

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