Water EP (The Remixes)

Water EP (The Remixes)

By Elysian

  |  ANJ638RD
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One of many new acts that have joined Anjunabeats in our twentieth anniversary year, trance super trio Elysian is composed of three of the genre's brightest stars: ilan Bluestone, Maor Levi and Emma Hewitt.

Their debut EP ‘Water’ was released back in September, and received rave reviews by many in the Anjunafamily and beyond. It featured 'Moonchild', 'Beyond The Comfort Zone', 'Water' and 'Little Star'.

We're pleased to reveal new remixes of the ‘Water EP’. The package includes reworks from Trivecta, Avoure, boerd, PROFF, OTIOT and Mem Aleph, as well as Elysian’s own Maor Levi.

‘Water EP (The Remixes)’ is out now.


1Moonchild (Trivecta Remix) - Elysian04:12
2Moonchild (OTIOT Remix) - Elysian03:45
3Moonchild (Brandon Vendetta Remix) - Elysian04:38
4Beyond The Comfort Zone (Avoure Remix) - Elysian05:27
5Beyond The Comfort Zone (Maor's Deep Room Mix) - Elysian04:23
6Beyond The Comfort Zone (Quach & Campos Remix) - Elysian04:00
7Water (boerd Remix) - Elysian04:24
8Water (PROFF Remix) - Elysian04:17
9Little Star (Maor Levi Remix) - Elysian03:45
10Water (Mem Aleph Remix) - Elysian04:24
11Moonchild (OTIOT Extended Mix) - Elysian05:51
12Moonchild (Brandon Vendetta Extended Mix) - Elysian08:53
13Beyond The Comfort Zone (Avoure Extended Mix) - Elysian07:54
14Beyond The Comfort Zone (Maor's Extended Deep Room Mix) - Elysian07:26
15Beyond The Comfort Zone (Quach & Campos Extended Mix) - Elysian06:11
16Water (PROFF Extended Mix) - Elysian06:32
17Little Star (Maor Levi Extended Mix) - Elysian06:19
18Water (Mem Aleph Extended Mix) - Elysian06:55
19Water - Elysian03:45
20Beyond The Comfort Zone - Elysian03:54
21Moonchild - Elysian04:20
22Little Star - Elysian03:12

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