Fatum: The Story So Far

Fatum: The Story So Far

By Fatum

  |  ANJCDCO251D
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GRAMMY-nominated duo Fatum share ‘The Story So Far’: an extended DJ mix featuring 22 tracks that have defined Fatum's journey on Anjunabeats so far.

Spanning seven years of releases, the mix includes hits like ‘Chocolate’, ‘Mandala’, and recent outings ‘Out Of Space’, ‘Deserve It’ and ‘Radiant’. These records helped take Fatum to new levels, and saw the pair collaborate with top names such as Armin van Buuren (on 2020’s ‘Punisher’).

'The Story So Far' also shines a light on Bruce Karlsson and Dan Davis's other creative guises. There's tracks from Bruce's Norin & Rad project, which rewrote the trance rulebook with groove-laden tracks ‘Bloom’, ‘Thundercat’ and ‘Five Finger Death Punch’. Dan Davis and Chris Nelson’s project Judah crossed paths with Fatum several times over the years, including ‘All In’ (alongside Genix and Jaytech) and their cover of Tangerine Dream’s ‘Love On A Real Train’.

Many of Fatum's numerous remixes are featured, including punchy reworks of Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston's 'Love Is Not Enough', 3LAU 'Tokyo', and Gabriel & Dresden's 'Coming On Strong'.

“The story of Fatum is deeply rooted within the Anjunafamily. We are excited to share some of the highlights of our career so far in this mix, showcasing our favourite songs we've released on Anjunabeats.” - Fatum

2022 will be a big year for Fatum on Anjunabeats. ‘The Story So Far’ is out now.


1Stained Glass (Mixed) - Fatum03:18
2Bloom (Mixed) - Norin & Rad04:25
3Nomad (Mixed) - Judah04:03
4Radiant (Mixed) - Fatum04:49
5Deserve It (Mixed) - Fatum feat. Mars Atlas04:45
6Love On A Real Train (Tangerine Dream Cover (Mixed)) - Fatum vs. Judah03:55
7Love Is Not Enough (Fatum Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston05:10
8Counting Down The Days (Judah Remix (Mixed)) - Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes05:45
9Superfecta (Mixed) - Fatum02:26
10Anybody (Mixed) - Fatum vs. Judah03:59
11Thundercat (Mixed) - Norin & Rad04:22
12Five Finger Death Punch (Mixed) - Norin & Rad03:39
13Mandala (Mixed) - Fatum06:03
14Chocolate (Mixed) - Fatum03:25
15Tokyo (feat. XIRA) (Fatum Remix (Mixed)) - 3LAU03:10
16Coming On Strong (Fatum Remix (Mixed)) - Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal04:57
17Brainwasher (Fatum Remix (Mixed)) - Nox Vahn03:41
18Symphotek (Mixed) - Fatum04:54
19Out Of Space (Mixed) - Fatum feat. Trove05:08
20Zero-Day (Mixed) - Judah05:32
21Bird Is The Word (Mixed) - Norin & Rad05:27
22We're All In This Together (Above & Beyond Respray Outro Edit (Mixed)) - Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah04:33
23Stained Glass - Fatum03:08
24Bloom - Norin & Rad04:12
25Nomad - Judah03:39
26Radiant - Fatum03:05
27Deserve It - Fatum feat. Mars Atlas03:20
28Love On A Real Train (Tangerine Dream Cover) - Fatum vs. Judah03:24
29Love Is Not Enough (Fatum Remix) - Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston04:10
30Counting Down The Days (Judah Remix) - Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes03:45
31Superfecta - Fatum03:29
32Anybody - Fatum vs. Judah03:50
33Thundercat - Norin & Rad03:33
34Five Finger Death Punch - Norin & Rad04:24
35Mandala - Fatum03:46
36Chocolate - Fatum03:30
37Tokyo (feat. XIRA) (Fatum Remix) - 3LAU03:45
38Coming On Strong (Fatum Remix) - Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal03:15
39Brainwasher (Fatum Remix) - Nox Vahn03:02
40Symphotek - Fatum02:58
41Out Of Space - Fatum feat. Trove03:22
42Zero-Day - Judah03:43
43Bird Is The Word - Norin & Rad04:27
44We're All In This Together (Above & Beyond Respray) - Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah04:26
45Stained Glass (Extended Mix) - Fatum04:41
46Bloom (Extended Mix) - Norin & Rad06:55
47Nomad (Extended Mix) - Judah07:12
48Radiant (Extended Mix) - Fatum05:29
49Deserve It (Extended Mix) - Fatum feat. Mars Atlas06:07
50Love On A Real Train (Tangerine Dream Cover (Extended Mix)) - Fatum vs. Judah05:18
51Love Is Not Enough (Fatum Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston06:01
52Counting Down The Days (Judah Extended Mix) - Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes06:44
53Superfecta (Extended Mix) - Fatum05:42
54Anybody (Extended Mix) - Fatum vs. Judah05:37
55Thundercat (Extended Mix) - Norin & Rad05:53
56Five Finger Death Punch (Extended Mix) - Norin & Rad06:55
57Mandala (Extended Mix) - Fatum06:35
58Chocolate (Extended Mix) - Fatum05:02
59Coming On Strong (Fatum Extended Mix) - Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal06:46
60Brainwasher (Fatum Extended Mix) - Nox Vahn05:02
61Symphotek (Extended Mix) - Fatum05:38
62Out Of Space (Extended Mix) - Fatum feat. Trove06:22
63Zero-Day (Extended Mix) - Judah06:48
64Bird Is The Word (Extended Mix) - Norin & Rad06:45
65We?re All In This Together (Above & Beyond Extended Respray) - Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah05:56

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