Inspirations (The Remixes)

Inspirations (The Remixes)

By gardenstate

  |  ANJCD102RD
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A breakout act in 2021, gardenstate present ‘Inspirations’ (The Remixes): fourteen reworks of tracks from their debut album.

gardenstate’s debut album ‘Inspirations’ was released on Anjunabeats in October 2021, following a string of well-received singles and a raved-up take on Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston’s ‘No One On Earth’. They’ve received DJ support from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Tiestö, Oliver Heldens, Camelphat, Gorgon City and Lane 8.

Tracks from ‘Inspirations’ have resonated with dance music fans on both physical and virtual dancefloors. gardenstate joined Above & Beyond in London for their Group Therapy 450 celebrations, and supported A&B on the Anjunafamily Reunion Tour across the U.S.A. When not on tour, gardenstate have showcased their music through a series of stunning ‘Inspirations’ livestreams on Twitch, including their latest broadcast from Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Iceland.

The ‘Inspirations’ remix package includes previously released remixes from Oliver Smith, Patrice Bäumel, Mollie Collins, Browncoat, Bart Skils, Falden and gardenstate themselves. In addition, the remix album features five new reworks from Amy Wiles, Alex O’Rion, AIR DIVISION, Pablo Oliveros and PAUZA.

gardenstate ‘Inspirations’ (The Remixes) is out now. ‘Inspirations’ is available now on special edition 2x12” coloured vinyl from the Anjuna Music Store.


1The Best Part (Patrice Bäumel Remix) - gardenstate & Bien04:11
21995 (Simon Doty's I Made Trance Remix) - gardenstate04:09
3By Your Side (Oliver Smith Remix) - gardenstate04:13
4Take Me There (Mollie Collins Remix) - gardenstate & GVN03:26
51995 (Amy Wiles Remix) - gardenstate03:05
6Répondez-moi (AIR DIVISION Remix) - gardenstate & Gjon?s Tears04:42
7Surreal (Bart Skils Remix) - gardenstate04:44
81995 (Simon Doty's Housed Up Remix) - gardenstate04:00
9Surreal (Alex O'Rion Remix) - gardenstate03:34
10Take Me There (Falden Remix) - gardenstate & GVN03:15
11By Your Side (Pablo Oliveros Remix) - gardenstate04:30
12The Best Part (gardenstate Outer Space Mix) - gardenstate & Bien05:17
13Répondez-moi (PAUZA Remix) - gardenstate & Gjon?s Tears03:48
14Take Me There (Browncoat Remix) - gardenstate & GVN04:00
15The Best Part (Patrice Bäumel Extended Mix) - gardenstate & Bien07:08
161995 (Simon Doty's I Made Trance Extended Mix) - gardenstate07:25
17By Your Side (Oliver Smith Extended Mix) - gardenstate07:01
181995 (Amy Wiles Extended Mix) - gardenstate05:10
19Répondez-moi (AIR DIVISION Extended Mix) - gardenstate & Gjon?s Tears08:11
20Surreal (Bart Skils Extended Mix) - gardenstate06:14
211995 (Simon Doty's Housed Up Extended Mix) - gardenstate07:52
22Surreal (Alex O'Rion Extended Mix) - gardenstate07:00
23Take Me There (Falden Extended Mix) - gardenstate & GVN04:00
24By Your Side (Pablo Oliveros Extended Mix) - gardenstate05:42
25The Best Part (gardenstate Outer Space Extended Mix) - gardenstate & Bien08:35
26Répondez-moi (PAUZA Extended Mix) - gardenstate & Gjon?s Tears06:24
27Take Me There (Browncoat Extended Mix) - gardenstate & GVN06:22

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