if I can be honest

if I can be honest

By Cephas Azariah & Elle Limebear

  |  ANJREF053D
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Since first meeting, Brighton-based songwriter Elle Limebear and instrumentalist-producer Cephas Azariah quickly found common ground in their artistic passions, developing a friendship and going on to collaborate across various musical avenues.

A storyteller at heart, Elle’s music combines her commanding yet ethereal vocals throughout her songs, telling tales to accompany people on their journey through life’s highs and lows, whilst inspiring them to look beyond their current challenges. With over 175 million streams and a Billboard #1, Elle’s music has taken her across the world, accompanied by Cephas Azariah as part of her touring band. Here, their joint efforts during sound-checks began to effortlessly take shape, noticing their natural synergy and curiosity to merge their distinct worlds in a creative space, their new project came to life.

Indian-born, British composer and producer Cephas Azariah returns to Reflections after a string of highly respected singles and EPs, including an ambient rework of Cubicolour's ‘Machine Keys’, from their debut LP on sister label Anjunadeep. Having scored music for Channel 4, PUMA, Soho House and soundtracked dozens of films, Cephas only began to reveal his own compositions in late 2021, embracing the paradox between traditional classical composition and his own cultural roots, he has amaassed an outstanding 10 million streams to date.

Intended to soundtrack the everyday, ordinary and mundane moments of life, the pair utilise Elle’s voice as an instrument, exploring textures, range and gentle tones. Laid over the soft foundation of Cephas’ delicate, emotive compositions of twinkling pianos, synths and soaring strings, arranged to serve as a soundtrack and invite people to slow down, to embrace the beauty in our everyday moments.

The brand new EP from Cephas Azariah & Elle Limebear ‘if I can be honest’ is out November 27 on Reflections.


1if I can be honest - Cephas Azariah & Elle Limebear03:23
2the healing song - Cephas Azariah & Elle Limebear04:20
3here / present - Cephas Azariah & Elle Limebear04:58

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