Thirds / Shelter

Thirds / Shelter

By Matt Fax

  |  ANJ768D
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French producer Matt Fax drops a new double A-side on Anjunabeats, ‘Thirds / Shelter’.

David Ciekanski (aka Matt Fax) has been releasing music since the age of 15. In 2013, he provided a timeless remix of Jaytech’s ‘Labour Of Love’ and landed his first Guest Mix on Group Therapy. Since then, David has gone from strength to strength on labels such as Enhanced, Colorize, AVA Recordings and This Never Happened, releasing two artist albums and contributing to Colorize’s ‘Colorscapes’ mix compilation series.

Matt Fax’s jam-packed live schedule sees him continue the Colorscapes Tour this autumn alongside Dezza, Estiva and Bandes, support Gabriel & Dresden in Washington D.C. and perform at Dreamstate in Los Angeles.

Matt Fax ‘Thirds / Shelter’ is out now on Anjunabeats.


1Thirds - Matt Fax03:13
2Shelter - Matt Fax03:44
3Thirds (Extended Mix) - Matt Fax05:41
4Shelter (Extended Mix) - Matt Fax06:19

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