Where We Go From Here Pt. 2

Where We Go From Here Pt. 2

By DT8 Project

  |  ANJ681D
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Veteran producer, DJ and composer Darren Tate presents ‘Where We Go From Here pt. 2’, his latest release under the DT8 Project alias.

After exploring retro-inspired sounds on the first ‘Where We Go From Here’ EP (released on Anjunabeats in November 2020), this new, three-track release sees Darren returning to contemporary progressive and breakbeat.

A classically trained musician, Darren has been composing club music since the early 00’s. He’s the founder of Mondo Records, and has collaborated with Boy George and Jono Grant from Above & Beyond. Discerning clubbers of a certain age will undoubtedly have fond memories of tracks like ‘It’s My Turn’ (as Angelic) and ‘The Theme’ (as Jurgen Vries). Darren has soundtracked over 15 feature films.

“After our more synthwave-inspired first EP, this second outing is a bit more of a return to roots for us. The first single ‘Crystallize’ could be described as an ambient-progress-house cut in the style of The Orb and Brian Eno. It features vocals by Danielle Rowe (Poloroid) who previously sang on ‘Carry On’. Dan also sings on the second track on the EP, the break-infused ‘See It Through’, which also features some trademark DT8 orchestration.

The final track “Who Knows For How Long” features vocals by David Wright, the lead singer of Headway. The band previously recorded this track on their album and we decided to do a new mix; one that captures the original indie vibe and then incorporates it with some classic DT8-style progressive elements.” - Darren Tate

‘Where We Go From Here pt. 2’ is out now on Anjunabeats.


1Crystallize - DT8 Project02:54
2See It Through - DT8 Project03:25
3Who Knows For How Long - DT8 Project03:35
4Crystallize (Extended Mix) - DT8 Project04:54
5See It Through (Extended Mix) - DT8 Project04:45
6Who Knows For How Long (Extended Mix) - DT8 Project06:29

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