Anjunabeats Introduces: Korolova


Anjunabeats Introduces: Korolova

Kasablanca 'In Sequence' (Korolova Remix)
Kasablanca 'In Sequence' (Korolova Remix)

Korolova joins the Anjunafamily!

This week, we welcomed a very exciting addition to our ever-growing family. One of electronic music's breakout talents, you'll find Korolova tearing up festival stages worldwide, and remixing for the likes of MEDUZA, Vintage Culture and Gordo. She's released on labels such as SHÈN, REALM, Island, Ultra, Black Hole Recordings, Get Physical, and Armada.

A standout in her sets of late, Korolova’s rework of Kasablanca’s ‘In Sequence’ combines the essence of the original with her signature melodic sound. Listen now on the platform of your choice via the link below.

Listen to 'In Sequence' (Korolova Remix)


Q&A with Korolova

How would you define your sound in three words?

Powerful, emotional, melodic.

Tell us a bit more about this remix. How long have you been working on it?

I was working on this remix for over two months and changed it many times, but I am so happy with the final version!

Which other track has had the best reception in your sets as of late?

My remix for Vintage Culture, 'This Feeling', is always in my sets, as people love it and ask me to play it.

Tell us about an artist you can’t get enough of right now.

I have a lot artists who I really love right now such as Franky Wah, Vintage Culture, Massano and Gorgon City.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you musically?

I started my music journey 12 years ago and during this time I mostly listened to trance music, artists like Above & Beyond, Gabriel & Dresden and Tiësto. Now in my music, I incorporate a lot of beautiful moments that I got from trance music.

What have you got in the diary for the rest of the year?

I worked a lot the last few months, and this year I have a lot more releases coming, my own tracks and some remixes. I am starting my label Captive Soul and I am so happy to be performing at some of the biggest festivals such as Tomorrowland and EDC.

Do you have a message for the Anjunafamily?

Dear Anjunafamily, I am also a part of your community and it’s a big honour for me to have this release on Anjunabeats. I hope you will love this remix too!

Written by Simran Thakrar