Galactic EP

Galactic EP

By Jaytech

  |  ANJ757D
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One of the label’s most experienced producers, Jaytech returns with the ‘Galactic EP’.

With over 40 releases across Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, Jimbo (as we affectionately know him) is a fan favourite amongst the Anjunafamily. He honed his ear as a label A&R for Anjuna HQ in the late 2000s. Now, he’s unearthing new talent on his long-running Jaytech Music mix show and sharing his wealth of production experience on YouTube.

The ‘Galactic EP’ features four groovy Jaytech originals, plus a remix of ‘Dreamworld’ from Paul Arcane. A long-term friend of the label, Paul dropped his Anjunabeats debut ‘Sisu’ as part of our Rising EP series in July 2021.

"The 'Galactic EP' was inspired from looking up at the night sky and imagining a whole universe filled with love. If it isn't already out there, then maybe one day we will spread it amongst the stars ourselves. Like a lot of my music, it's a message of hope and optimism about the future." - Jaytech

Jaytech’s ‘Galactic EP’ is out now on Anjunabeats.


1Galactic - Jaytech03:40
2Road To Nowhere - Jaytech04:12
3Ukiyo - Jaytech04:02
4Colossus - Jaytech04:08
5Dreamworld (Paul Arcane Remix) - Jaytech03:26
6Galactic (Extended Mix) - Jaytech05:25
7Road To Nowhere (Extended Mix) - Jaytech05:54
8Ukiyo (Extended Mix) - Jaytech05:31
9Colossus (Extended Mix) - Jaytech05:25
10Dreamworld (Paul Arcane Extended Mix) - Jaytech05:00

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