Tony McGuinness - 'Salt' Listening Party

Tony McGuinness - 'Salt' Listening Party

Celebrate the release of ‘Salt’, the great lost solo project from Tony McGuinness. Join us for an immersive album listening experience and hear from Tony himself about the making of the album.

July 11
The Castle Cinema, London

Join us in celebrating the release of the debut solo album by Tony McGuinness

‘Salt’ is the great lost solo project from Tony McGuinness, the songwriter who would become the chief “male voice” lyricist in Above & Beyond. 

The heart of Salt’s nine tracks were written by McGuinness in a heady six-month burst between 1995 and 1996, the result of classic ’90s whirlwind romance in a London that was popping off with the explosion of club culture in the UK.

“Before writing these songs, I thought that other people's lives, or books, or films or stuff that I make up was the only interesting material for a song. But these songs are when I started thinking that my own experiences, my own emotions and feelings were precisely what would make my songwriting better, more impactful and more relatable.”

Hear an exclusive preview of the album the day before its release, with an immersive album listening experience and Q&A with Tony himself at The Castle Cinema on July 11, from 6:30-8:30pm.